You are a great magician. I just wish I could make things disappear the way you do. I could have used that trick on a few people in Washington.

Tom has bewildered and entertained me for years with his bottomless bag of tricks. If I were hosting an event and I wanted to have a magic presence, the first name out of my Rolodex would be Tom Ogden.

It is rare to find an individual with the versatility, the technical ability, the professional presentation and comedy ability of Tom Ogden.

Tom Ogden followed with his zany brand of comic magic, and it kept the group laughing all the time…He seems to outdo himself each time with his comedy routines-always superbly done.

A magician of high stature, with a comic and mischievous face, who can entertain all types of audiences.

A stage manager’s dream: He just walks on and he’s ready.

We found a gold mine in Tom! I can't say enough positive things about how well it went. He did his "homework" and drew on elements of the meeting that helped us laugh at difficulties.

Tom Ogden was the perfect choice. He was able to take our message and jazz it up, incorporate it into his performance and really keep the crowd entertained. Our dealers and staff are still talking about him.

Tom definitely exceeded all expectations. He has a true spirit of cooperation and is a real pro!

The spirit of the occasion was cleverly woven into your performance. To this day, employees are still discussing the performance.

He did an outstanding job in getting our message across, in addition to giving everyone something to relieve the stress of a highly competitive industry.

We loved the combination of humor and magic and the way he worked the audience into the presentation.

He was receptive to our needs and quickly provided ideas that would make his appearance both appropriate and memorable. I would not hesitate to use his services again.

He outdid himself. Everyone LOVED him. He sat in on our sessions, then worked comedy from our session into his act. Fantastic. We would rate him off the scale!

I had all kinds of calls the morning after saying how much they liked it.

Super presentation! Tom captured the imagination of the group. He certainly lives up to expectations!

Wonderful. We have had nothing but rave reviews. Great audience involvement. Funny, entertaining.

Excellent! The crowd was very enthusiastic and the feedback was quite positive.

Wonderful! Rated excellent by all our attendees.

The group enjoyed it to the utmost. Your name will be on my list for future planning.

Great! Really, really, really good. Good message with a lot of magic and humor. Kept us entertained as we learned.