TOM OGDEN combines his incredible magic and hilarious humor to communicate your corporate message at meetings and events. In addition to his entertainment programs, he also has two popular motivational presentations – available as keynotes, workshops or seminars – that have energized and motivated conference attendees on three continents.

CREATIVE (kree a' tiv) adj.: inventive, imaginative, MAGIC, ingenious, clever, resourceful, innovative, visionary, OGDEN, original, resourceful, fanciful, unconventional, whimsical, playful, brilliant, dazzling, uncommon, fresh, unique, YOU!

A magician makes the impossible possible.

Can the steps the magician employs to create illusions be used to find solutions to real-life business problems?

Of course they can!

In "The Magic Of Creativity," Tom Ogden demonstrates how you can apply the creative mind of a magician to challenges in the corporate environment in order to achieve the "unbelievable."

You will learn how to
  • Recognize and unlock creativity in yourself and others
  • Create new ideas and turn daydreams into decision-making
  • Develop your own creativity system
  • Enhance the creativity of your business team
  • Overcome opposition to creative change

    In this age of multi-tasking and information overload, communication skills have never been more important. "Communicating With Magic" offers a unique and visual aid - MAGIC - as a means to get your important message heard, understood and rememberd.

    You will learn how to
  • Identify the essential points in your own presentation
  • Perform real magic tricks that illustrate the key topics of your own presentation
  • Locate and develop new illusions to demonstrate your points
  • Overcome rehearsal and performance anxiety