...Strolling Magician Close Up In Los Angeles

Tom Ogden is a strolling magician in Los Angeles who's stand-up act plays to a room of dozens or an audience of thousands. But you can enjoy Tom without a stage too. He’s also an expert strolling magician entertainer who does close up intimate sleight-of-hand.

Tom Ogden's strolling magic act can turn any gathering into a Big Event. As Tom circulates among your guests, his astonishing magic takes place right before their very eyes!

Tom’s strolling magic is the perfect icebreaker as your guests arrive, during the hospitality hour or throughout the entire party.

It’s one thing for an audience to see a magician up on a platform from twenty feet away, but Tom’s sleight of-hand is performed at your guests’ fingertips! To make the magic seem even more impossible, Tom uses ordinary, everyday objects such as playing cards, currency, and rubber bands. When Tom makes dice change their spots or causes a playing card to disappear, your guests will freak out! And ask to see more!

Recognized by his peers, Tom Ogden has been nominated ten times for “Close-up Magician of the Year” at the world-renowned Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

Why not see for yourself what all the fuss is about? It’s as easy as scheduling Tom Ogden to perform strolling, close-up magic at your next private party, business event or other social function.